For Individuals

Different plans for different needs

large-famComprehensive or narrow: the choice is yours. You may want a comprehensive financial plan that covers every aspect of your financial life, with ongoing consultation. You may only want strategies to reach a specific goal. Or you may need assistance in sorting out how best to finance that goal.

Regardless, we’ll meet by phone or in person, analyze your goals and objectives, and then bundle those goals into a project with a fixed project price. We will work with you until the project is complete.

Unbiased, independent strategic financial advice

At Friedland Financial we provide independent, strategic financial advice based on your goals, your preferences, and your needs.

Investment Services

We provide strategic advice based on your preferences and circumstances.  This necessitates that we listen to you and learn more about you.  To make it easier for you we have organized a number of different pathways in which you can use to initiate our engagement.

Choose Your Path

Get Acquainted Meeting
Get To Know Us

  • Introductory Meeting
  • No Committment
  • Proposal with Scope of Assistance

On Track? Report™
Are You Saving Enough?

  • Limited Engagement
  • First Step to Comprehensive Plan
  • Key Questions Answered Now

Comprehensive Financial Plan
Comprehensive strategic advice

  • Full Financial Review
  • Planning Strategies
  • Investment Recommendations

Comprehensive Portfolio Analysis
Investments analysis and planning

  • Portfolio Review/Evaluation
  • Investment Recommendations
  • Or Investment Management