For Employers

We can help you choose, implement, and maintain your retirement plan.  For smaller firms or firms with intermittent cash flows we can help you decide on the type of tax advantaged plan.

For firms that are able to establish a Qualified Pension Plan we provide Full Compliance Low Cost Options that enable Plan Trustees to meet their Fiduciary Responsibilities with confidence.  Our approach can assure you that you will have the lowest cost, best performing investment options available in the market.  There are a wide variety of Qualified Pension Plans, which include Defined Contribution Plans, such as 401(k) or 403(b) plans, as well as other profit sharing arrangements like Select Comparability or Age-Weighted Designs.  Moreover, for some firms, a Defined Benefit plan, may make more sense.  We can also help you design a Non-Qualified Plan for Key Employees.

Our independence enables us to work with virtually any custodians, retirement plan administrators, and record keepers. Annual reviews ensure that you are obtaining excellent service at reasonable prices.  Many of the service providers with whom we work can also help you with other employee benefits, including payroll services.

We help provide everything an employer needs to establish and maintain a qualified retirement plan, including:

  • Plan design
  • Investment policy statements and regular investment reviews
  • Ongoing and regular employee education and information
  • Low cost investment options, including index funds and exchange traded funds
  • Managed funds based on the track record of the manager, not the brand name of the fund
  • Annual due diligence on plan operations, fees, and investments
  • Open access to plan participants
  • Full disclosure of all fees from all parties

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