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Robert-Friedland5Meet Robert Friedland

Robert is devoted to improving retirement and retirement income. He has dedicated 30 years to policy research, teaching, and elevating state and federal policy awareness to promote the mission. He is a nationally acclaimed expert in Social Security, pensions, health care, and long-term care. Holding key positions in the Medicaid program for Maryland,  AARP,  The Employee Benefit Research Institute, and the National Academy of Social Insurance, Robert also founded The Center on an Aging Society, now located at Georgetown University.

Robert’s publications include his award winning book, Facing the Costs of Long-Term Care. His contributions to media include citations in The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal,Kiplinger’s and Money, and features on numerous radio and television shows. He has testified before Congress and has spoken at conferences all over the country.

He earned his PhD in Economics from the George Washington University, and continues to conduct research and teach. Robert teaches HealthCare Economics, Policy Analysis, Business Statistics, and Research Methods at Georgetown University.

In addition to educating and raising awareness among future and current policy makers, Robert has made his expertise available to the public directly. He is the principal at Friedland Financial Planning Inc. Robert is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and earned the Accredited Investment Fiduciary® professional designation from Fiduciary360. Robert is  a member of The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), and the Garrett Planning Network (GPN).

Married with 3 children, Robert understands the financial issues of raising children, financing education, and planning for retirement. Robert is committed to empowering others with financial literacy. He is currently Chair of the Governing Board of the National Academy for State Health Policy and the Board of the Garrett Financial Education Alliance, a not for profit foundation dedicated to improve understanding of financial issues.  He  was recently a Commissioner on the American Bar Association Commission on Law and Aging, a member of the Board of the Health Assistance Partnership Program, and on the Editorial Board of Aging Today.

Meet Elizabeth Kenney

Elizabeth_ADAs Client Relations Manager, Elizabeth’s cheerful voice may be the first you hear when you contact the firm. With over 20 years administrative experience specializing in the Insurance and Financial Industry Elizabeth is fluent in the technology and nuance of professional planning, and is also a Registered Paraplanner SM and licensed Life/Health producer. Elizabeth’s comprehension of the field is accompanied by a passion for people; friendly and outgoing, she delights in client satisfaction. When Elizabeth isn’t occupied managing business operations you may find her with her husband and daughter, they love to travel and contribute to the Society for the Protection of Animals, and the Animal Welfare Shelter.

Meet Brooke A. Salvini

2010businessportraitBROOKEweb1Brooke A. Salvini, CPA/PFS, CFP®  is an affiliated partner and a fee-only personal financial advisor and principal of Salvini Financial Planning, in Avila Beach, CA. As Affiliated Partner we work together when a client’s needs would be better served using the relative strengths in each others’ practice.  In addition, Salvini Financial Planning will help our clients if we should experience an extended illness, death, or natural disaster.  To learn more about Salvini Financial Planning and to see pictures of the beauty of this part of the country, please visit our partner’s office by clicking on their logo below.


More About Us

Questions to ask prospective planners

The following contains our response to questions you should be asking financial planners you are interviewing.

Investment Philosophy

The key to financial independence is to (1)  live below your means so that you have the resources to save and (2) apply a consistent investment strategy to your savings.  While we might prefer one strategy over another what matters most is that you have a strategy and that you are consistent in your application of the the strategy.  This is the best way to minimize the bias and irrationally that can occur when investing with our emotions.  Consistency is also among the best ways to avoid exacerbating the “bad luck” and minimizing the “good luck” that is inevitable when investing in financial markets.  The following reflects our philosophy and how we prefer to work with you when evaluating, monitoring, or managing your investments:

Questions That Count

The following is a list of financial planning topics in which we have prepared background information. Just download, check off the material you want and either fax it, mail it, or email it to us and we will do what we can to provide you with basic information associated with the topical areas you have checked off.  For clients there are no limits but for visitors, please limit your topics to 3 at a time.

Part II A & B of SEC Form ADV

As a Registered Investment Advisory firm, we are required to provide prospective clients with Part II A & B of Form ADV upon our initial engagement and to offer it to clients on an annual basis.  We also maintain a current copy here for any visitors who want to see these parts of our annual filings to the State.  This form provides detail on how we do business and is updated as our business model has evolved and annually regardless of whether or not our business model has changed.  Annual updates are usually submitted to the State  every March.


We work hard to safeguard your privacy. The following is a statement of the ways in which we protect your privacy.