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As financial advisors, we specialize in listening. For individuals, we provide customized advice for investing, choosing insurance, financing college, and financing retirement. For employers, we help you find the best options for helping your employees save for their retirement.

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Smart Questions

It is easy to get overwhelmed by the volume of information that is available. We can help you sort through what is essential and help empower you to make financial and investment decisions with confidence. Make an appointment for a free consultation to find out how we can help you.

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We Work for You

So-called “free services” usually have a price.  Unfortunately, the price is not always transparent, and may even be paid for many years.  We provide independent advice and bill hourly or by the project. We do not accept commissions or referral fees so you can be sure our recommendations are based on your needs.  Our approach ensures that we work for you and do not represent the interests of any investment product or insurance company.

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Decisions With Confidence

As an Accredited Investment Advisor® we take our fiduciary obligations seriously. In order to put your interests first we have vowed to only work for you. We do not sell products and we do not accept referral fees for any of our suggestions.

Individuals Employers

Finding the “Free Lunch”

Financial services and financial products all have a price, but sometimes the price tag is not visible.  As a general rule, the most expensive financial services are the ones without the price tag.  At Friedland Financial Planning there are no hidden fees.

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Custom Advice

ff-handshakeAt Friedland Financial we provide strategic financial advice based on your goals, your preferences, and your needs. Since every client’s situation is different, our recommendations are tailored to meet your needs, not ours.

Honest Pricing

ff-moneyEverything we do is essentially priced the same way. We define your project and then estimate the amount of time it will take for us to complete the project. No project is too small, and so far, no project has been too large.

Retirement Plan for Employers

ff-piechartThere are two kinds of employers. Those with a retirement plan and those who do not yet have a retirement plan. We work with both types of employers. We can help you design the plan that best meets your objectives. We will oversee obtaining bids from service providers, and then help you implement, maintain, and monitor that plan.

Services for Plan Trustees

ff-dollarIf you are an employer who offers a Qualified Retirement Plan, you are likely to be the Trustee for that Plan. Plan Trustees are obligated by law to undertake a number of safeguards on behalf of plan participants. We are an Accredited Investment Fiducary® and are thus fully qualified to take on a fiduciary responsibility that helps you comply with your legal responsibilities.

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